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Time seems to stand still at the Original Texana Ranch. This is a place where beautiful sunsets and starlit night skies instill wonder. Immerse yourself in 200 secluded acres and pause from life’s everyday demands. Reconnect, Relax, and Rejoice in unbridled luxury.

Experience the Original Texana Ranch, a luxury weekend retreat destination. Lose yourself in the storied Birthplace of Texas at our three, inclusive weekend resorts located in stunning Washington, Texas.
Each of these historic buildings is the perfect refuge for corporate retreats, social events, and luxurious weddings. 


The historic Hutchinson-Korth home, now the Bridal House, was originally built in 1836 and has been completely restored and updated. This home is approximately 3,500 sq. ft.  which includes three bedrooms upstairs and downstairs, one downstairs, a modernized, luxury kitchen, large den, living room, breakfast room, and sitting room. Simply put, it has it all.

The Groomsmen House is situated by itself next to a small lake that was built in the 1800s by mule and buckets. The house has a large screened-in porch with a porch bed for when the weather demands you sleep outside. The yard around this house is stunning with large trees, rose bushes, and small lake surrounded by blooming yellow iris flowers making a truly tranquil setting. The home is 1,942 sq. ft. and the screened in porch is 984 sq. ft.

The Brown-Woodlief Dog Run Log House, now the Bride & Groom Suite, was originally built in 1824 and subsequently relocated to the ranch, has been updated and restored. It currently uses one side as a residence and the other side is used as a gunroom. It has been modernized with a full bathroom, electricity, and HVAC. The structure is approximately 778 sq. ft.

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